Chinese art

FU=“福”, means luck and happiness. A Shop where you can get luck and joy!

Chinese culture is one of the oldest and most diverse cultures in the world, dating back thousands of years. FU(福) in China means luck, health, and wealth.

Chinese culture is part of world culture. Everyone on Earth can enjoy it, discover it, and learn from it. We make our vision to bring Chinese beautiful products to you at affordable prices and high quality. To bring FU to you!


Oh, dear seeker of knowledge and light,
Listen to my words, clear and bright,
For culture is a treasure beyond measure,
A gift to cherish and hold with pleasure.

In our customs, music, and art,
Lies the essence of who we are,
A rich tapestry of history and tradition,
Passed down through generations, a precious transmission.

Our culture is the mirror of our soul,
Reflecting our beliefs, values, and goal,
It connects us to our roots and identity,
And fills our hearts with a sense of unity.

To honor and spread our culture is a duty,
To celebrate its beauty and diversity,
To embrace the richness of its heritage,
And share it with the world, with courage and courage.

For culture is a bridge that unites,
A beacon of hope that ignites,
A source of inspiration and wonder,
That makes our world brighter and fonder.

So let us honor and spread our culture with pride,
And let it shine like a star, far and wide,
For in its glory, we shall find,
The beauty and richness of humankind.

Culture Belongs to World

Our Earth is a combination by different cultures. Each culture has its characteristics and highlights. In Chinese culture, we treasure Peace and Harmony, and we believe our culture belongs to world. Everyone one Earth can enjoy Chinese culture, gain positive spirit from it, and share it with each other.

The Story of Chinese Traditions and Me

As a local Cantonese, I grow up with Guangzhou culture, which combines Chinese traditional culture and Guangzhou local culture. I can feel the modern spirit of it: Keep friendly, keep open. That's why I create FUFORME to bring wonderful Chinese special products to everyone. Fu means 福, with my vision to bring luck and happiness to you and your family.