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Chinese Feng Shui Bagua Yinyang Copper Mirror

Chinese Feng Shui Bagua Yinyang Copper Mirror

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This traditional bagua mirror is designed to be hung outdoors above your front door facing outward, with a eye hook on top for easy management. The convex mirror in the center surrounded by an eight-hanging pattern makes this decor item not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally powerful. The convex shape gives it unique advantages: it reflects negative energy away from your home, thus transforming it into a positive and harmonious force. Not only will this item look great near your entryway, but it will also protect you and your family from unwanted bad luck or negative energies drifting in from outside sources. Choose Chinese Feng Shui Bagua Copper Mirror today to bring fortune into your home!

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Culture Explanation

What's Bagua in Chinese Culture?

Bagua, also known as the "Eight Trigrams," is a symbol and a system of divination used in traditional Chinese culture. The term "bagua" literally means "eight symbols" or "eight trigrams."

The eight trigrams are combinations of three lines, each of which can be either broken or unbroken. These trigrams are often represented in a circular diagram known as the "Bagua diagram," which is commonly used in feng shui practices.

The Bagua diagram is divided into eight sections, each representing a different aspect of life, such as health, wealth, and relationships. Practitioners of feng shui use the Bagua diagram to determine the optimal placement of objects and furniture within a space in order to improve the flow of energy or "chi."

Why People Use Bagua Mirror?

The Bagua Mirror is a feng shui tool that is believed to help deflect negative energy or "sha qi" from entering a home or building. It is commonly used in traditional Chinese culture and can be found in many parts of China and other countries with Chinese communities.

The Bagua Mirror is typically a round or octagonal mirror with the eight trigrams of the Bagua diagram printed on the frame. The mirror is meant to be hung outside a building, typically above the main entrance, with the reflective side facing outward.