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Chinese Mahjong Game Set Family Gathering Game

Chinese Mahjong Game Set Family Gathering Game

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Enjoy traditional Chinese Mahjong gaming with this amazing Mahjong Game Set Family Gathering Game! This set is perfect for family gatherings, parties, or even your own recreational pleasure. With multiple play styles and 144 tiles including dots, bamboo, characters, winds, dragons, flowers and seasons , this set is easy to learn and will give you hours of extra fun. What’s more- it is also super compact! Its storage box measures 6.1x3.7x1.96in making it extremely portable and taking up no extra space in your home or while traveling!

The tiles are made of amine material so they can withstand years of use without fading or cracking which means you’ll keep having fun for a long time. You can also trust that all Arabic numbers and Chinese characters on the tiles have been clearly engraved so you don’t have to worry about misreading them during a game. Bring excitement to any occasion when you throw out the mahjong set - it will surely be the highlight of your party!

  • Name: Mini Mahjong Set
  • Material: Dense amine
  • Mahjong Size(approx.): 20*14*10mm (0.8*0.5*0.4inch)
  • Long Box Size(approx.): 155*95*50mm (6.1*3.7*1.96in)
  • Certification: CE


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Chinese Mahjong

What is Mahjong Game?

Mahjong is a fascinating tile-based game that originated in China and is now enjoyed by people all over the world. It's a game of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck, played with 144 tiles adorned with various symbols and characters.

In Mahjong, players take turns drawing and discarding tiles with the ultimate goal of creating a winning hand. To do this, they must collect sets of tiles that match in number and suit, similar to the way you might collect sets of cards in a game of poker. However, Mahjong also involves a lot of strategy as players must consider which tiles to discard and which to keep in order to achieve their desired hand.

Mahjong is often played with four players, but it can also be played with three or two players. The game can be played casually for fun, or in a more competitive setting with scoring systems and rankings.

How to Play Mahjong?

To begin, Mahjong is played with four players and a set of 144 tiles. The tiles are divided into three suits: bamboo, circles, and characters, as well as four honor tiles: winds and dragons.

The objective of the game is to create a winning hand by collecting sets of tiles that match in number and suit. There are many different winning hands, each with their own point value.

At the beginning of the game, each player receives 13 tiles and takes turns drawing and discarding tiles until one player has a winning hand or there are no more tiles left in the draw pile.

Players can collect sets of three or four tiles, such as three bamboo tiles or four winds tiles, and can also collect runs of three or more tiles in consecutive order, such as 1, 2, 3 circles.

However, players must be careful to avoid breaking certain rules, such as not having more than four of the same tile in their hand or discarding tiles that another player needs to complete their winning hand.

Once a player has a winning hand, the round ends and points are calculated based on the value of the winning hand and any additional bonus points.