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Metal Sword Hairpin Chinese Simple Hair Sticks for Women

Metal Sword Hairpin Chinese Simple Hair Sticks for Women

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The Metal Sword Hairpin is the perfect accessory for your hair. Made from durable alloy, they are light weight, yet high in hardness and good luster. These metal sword-shaped chopsticks and bobby pins are easy to use and create new hairstyles. They bring a vintage twist to your simple hairstyle, easily making it stand out in any crowd.

From curls, ponytails, braids, to buns -- these metal hairpins help you look amazing for any occasion. Due to their lightweight design, you can wear them without uncomfortable weight or deformation. Finally, if you’re looking for novel decorations for your bookshelf or desktop, these metal sword-shaped hairpins also make great bookmarks! Get yours today!


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Story Behind

What's the Meaning of Sword in Chinese Culture?

The sword has a rich and significant meaning in Chinese culture, as it has played an essential role in Chinese history, folklore, and martial arts. Here are some of the meanings associated with the sword in Chinese culture:

  1. Symbol of Power and Justice: In ancient China, the sword was a symbol of power, authority, and justice. It was often used by emperors, generals, and other high-ranking officials to demonstrate their power and authority. The sword was also used to execute criminals and maintain social order.
  2. Symbol of Bravery and Honor: The sword was also a symbol of bravery and honor. It was often given as a reward to soldiers who displayed courage and valor in battle. The sword was also used as a symbol of loyalty and dedication to one's country or ruler.
  3. Symbol of Martial Arts: The sword has always been an essential weapon in Chinese martial arts, such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Practitioners of these arts use the sword to train their technique, discipline, and mental focus.
  4. Symbol of Literature and Art: The sword has also been a popular motif in Chinese literature and art. Many famous Chinese novels, such as "The Water Margin" and "Journey to the West," feature swords as important plot devices. The sword has also been a subject of Chinese calligraphy and painting, with many artists creating beautiful depictions of swords.

Why Sword Shape Used in Hair Accessory?

The sword shape has been used in hair accessories, particularly hairpins, in Chinese culture for centuries. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Cultural Significance: As mentioned earlier, the sword holds great cultural significance in Chinese culture. It is associated with power, bravery, and honor. Using a sword-shaped hairpin is a way for people to express these values and connect with their cultural heritage.
  2. Practicality: The sword shape is also practical for a hairpin. The long, thin design allows it to easily slide into hair without causing damage or discomfort. The shape also helps keep hair in place, preventing it from slipping out of the pin.
  3. Aesthetics: The sword shape is aesthetically pleasing and elegant. It adds a touch of sophistication to a hairstyle and can complement traditional Chinese clothing and accessories.
  4. Symbolism: The sword shape can also symbolize protection, as it was once used as a weapon to defend oneself. Wearing a sword-shaped hairpin can be seen as a way to protect oneself from negative energy or to ward off bad luck.