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Wooden Antique Chinese Chess Pieces Set Board Game

Wooden Antique Chinese Chess Pieces Set Board Game

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It comes with a folding Vintage Chinese Chess Board and pieces to provide you with an enjoyable game. The distinctive visuals of the board and pieces make it an ideal collectible for chess lovers no matter their age! With this set, you can truly enjoy a game like none other and foster education opportunities in the process.

The vintage design and breathing wood smell from the natural wood brings you back to traditional culture of ancient China. This set includes two full sets of chess pieces, which offers great value for money. Great as a gift, this Wooden Antique Chinese Chess Pieces Set Board Game will bring quality entertainment to your family friends or entire leadership team.


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Traditional Craftsmanship

What's Chinese Wooden Antique Chess?

Chinese Wooden Antique Chess is a traditional board game that originated in China and is also known as Xiangqi. It is played by two players on a square board divided into 10 horizontal and 9 vertical lines, creating a total of 90 intersection points. The game pieces, also called chessmen, are made of wood and represent different types of military units, such as elephants, chariots, and soldiers. The game is played with the objective of capturing the opponent's "general" piece, which is equivalent to the king in Western chess.

Chinese Wooden Antique Chess has a long history and is considered a cultural treasure in China. It has been played for centuries and is still popular in many parts of Asia, particularly in China, Vietnam, and Korea. The game requires strategic thinking and is known for its complexity and depth, making it a challenging and enjoyable game for players of all skill levels.

Why Traditional Chess Is A Perfect Gift?

  1. It is a timeless game: Chess is a game that has been played for centuries and has withstood the test of time. It is a classic game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and it will never go out of style.
  2. It is a mentally stimulating game: Chess requires a lot of mental focus and concentration, making it a great way to exercise your brain. Studies have shown that playing chess can help improve cognitive function, enhance memory, and increase problem-solving skills.
  3. It promotes social interaction: Chess is a two-player game, so it encourages social interaction and can bring people together. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family, and it can be played by people of all ages and skill levels.
  4. It is a portable game: A traditional chess set is compact and easy to transport, making it a great game to take on trips or to play outdoors. Whether you're on vacation, at the park, or in the backyard, a chess set is a great way to pass the time.
  5. It is a beautiful gift: A traditional chess set is not only a fun game to play, but it can also be a beautiful work of art. There are many different styles of chess sets available, from classic wooden sets to ornate metal sets, so you can find one that fits the personality and tastes of the person you are giving it to.